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20. 5. 2008

Miron T. Clay listens to punk rock. He's a big fan of The Clash, Sex Pistols, Igg Pop, The Dead Kennedys and all things Sid Vicious. He also can't spell his name because he thought his school was trying to control his mind so he dropped out. Miron now stays in his parent's basement all day listening to Jim Croce records because he says they are

Shits On Small Children and Bloody Wankers is a new band out of Walton, New York (whom they call themselves the voice of). They had just enough of an IQ together to come up with such a name. However most of their lyrics are about their past jobs of garbageman, gravedigger, floormopper and bagger at the local grocery store. They are strongly politically motivated, like when I asked them what their biggest gripe about the world is today, Crotch Wiley answered The Dixie Cups are a group that likens themselves to Gwar. Unfortunately they are still a garage band and don't have much money for props. Felix, here said they'll probably change their name once they get signed. If they get signed.

Esmerelda Filth isn't really rioting against anything in particular. She just thought the stupidass look would get the attention of Bruno and Hans behind her. They like snobby girls like her who rebel against their parents because they're easy. This is the heavy hitting punk rock group Smelly Ball Sack. Their lyrics aren't actually stories or anything. They are just the ingredients in their hair goop.





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